Unique Christmas Card Ideas

Unique Christmas Card Ideas

‘Striped Christmas Stocking’ Card Idea

The Christmas stocking is a great traditional icon from the festive season. If you want to make a card that’s rooted in tradition but has a modern twist, then this unique Christmas card idea is for you!

And the great news is that all the decorated papers, greetings and imagesused for this card idea are printable papers.

Yep! Every image, greeting and piece of decorated paper on this card is made from the printable Funky Christmas and Christmas Doodles eKits. So if you like this card and have a few basic card supplies, you can download the printable ‘Funky’ & ‘Doodles’ Christmas Card Making Kits and get started within minutes!

This unique Christmas card idea has all the elements to make a stunning, traditional card with a modern twist. The red and green colors and the Christmas stocking are rooted in tradition. Yet the extra embellishments give it that gorgeous modern feeling. Here’s how to make it…

Difficulty Level: One of the intermediate Christmas card ideas.

 To make this card you will need the printable Funky Christmas and Christmas Doodles eKits, which can be found here…

You Will Need:

Unique Christmas Card Ideas
Project Steps

  1. Print it out!
    1. Open up the Printable Funky Christmas eKit [the what?] andprint out sheets 104 and 105 or 106.
    2. Open up the Printable Christmas Doodles eKit [the what?] andprint out sheet 66.
  2. Cut it! Cut a square from sheet 104. It should be slightly smaller than your card.
  3. Stick it! Attach double sided tape along the back edges of the stripy square.
  4. Ribbon! Cut a piece of ribbon, wrap across the front of your stripy square and fasten at the back.
  5. Stick it! Attach your stripy square to the front of your card
  6. Draw it! Draw a line all the way around the outer edge of the stripy square.
  7. Color it! Color the stripy stocking from sheet 66 of the Doodle kit.
  8. Cut it!
    1. Draw an oval shape around the stocking and cut it out.
    2. Draw a slightly bigger oval on sheet 105/106 and cut it out.
  9. Dry emboss it! Emboss the oval from sheet 105/106 using the Cuttlebug. If you don’t have this tool then skip this step.
  10. Mount it! Attach the ovals as shown in the photo.
  11. Draw it! Draw lines around the oval to give the look of stitching.
  12. Decorate it! Finish with brads and flowers.

And how gorgeous is that? A unique Christmas card idea – rooted in tradition but with a modern twist!

Do you want to make this Christmas card idea right now?

Get the downloadable and printable Funky Christmas and Christmas Doodles eKits here and get started within minutes…

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