Handmade Card Ideas

Handmade Card Ideas

‘I Love You!’… In Lavender…

Handmade card ideas can vary according to purpose and complexity. This pretty and modern card design is perfect to send to a loved-one, for any occasion.

The design uses the white from the card blank to accentuate the lavender heart design. And the pretty strips of ribbon and glitter just finish it off.

This handmade card idea has such a warm and loving sentiment and the pastel lavender adds a touch of gentleness to the design. We’re sure that it will really touch the heart of your recipient.

And the great news is that every piece of decorated paper on this card is from the printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit.

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

So if you like this card, and if you have a few basic card supplies, you can download the printable ‘Sweetie Pie’ Valentine card making kit and get started within minutes!

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

Here are the instructions for handmade card idea like this one…

Difficulty Level: An easy handmade card idea.

 To make this card you will need the printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit, which can be found here…

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

You Will Need:

  • White card blank.
  • Sheets 1 and 11 from the 18 ‘iloveyou‘ folder from the printable folder from the Printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized Card Making Kithere…

     (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

  • Small piece of silver mirri card.
  • 2 sheets of photocopying paper.
  • Scissors.
  • 2 pieces of lilac ribbon.
  • 2 spiral clips.
  • Glamour dust or silver glitter.
  • Double-sided tape.
  • Foam pads.
  • Glue pen.

Handmade Card Ideas
Your Project Steps…

  1. Print it! Open up the ’18-iloveyou’ folder in the Printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit [the what?]. Print out sheets 1 and 11 onto paper.

     (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

  2. Shape it! Shape the lilac heart paper into a wave shape.
  3. Stick it! Stick it horizontally to the card blank, approximately 1.5 inches from the top, using double-sided tape.
  4. Thread it! Thread the lilac ribbon through the silver clips as shown.
  5. Stick it! Stick the ribbon and clips with double-sided tape just above and below the heart paper as shown. Make sure the top clip is placed to the right and the bottom clip is placed on the left.
  6. Glitter it!

    1. Using the glue pen run it along the edges of the lilac heart paper and shake some Glamour Dust or glitter over the glue, shake off the excess.
    2. Using the glue pen again apply it to the small purple hearts and add Glamour Dust or glitter.
  7. Cut it! Cut out an ‘I Love You’ purple heart sentiment from sheet 1.
  8. Attach it!

    1. Attach it to the piece of silver mirri card and cut round the heart leaving a silver border.
    2. Attach it to the bottom right hand side of the card with foam pads.
  9. Glitter it! Using a glue pen edge around the heart and add some Glamour Dust or glitter. Shake of the excess.

And there you go! Handmade card ideas are plentiful but we think this one is just lovely! Gentle, loving, and great to send loved ones for any occasion.

Do you want to make this card idea right now?

Get the downloadable and printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit here and get started within minutes…

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

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