Greeting Card Ideas

Greeting Card Ideas

Sent With Love…

Greeting card ideas can vary according to purpose and complexity. This bright and funky card design is perfect to send to a loved-one, for any occasion.

What’s great about this greeting card idea is that there are lots of elements to make and put together. So you really can immerse yourself in being creative. Take your time, have fun, and revel in crafting this little piece of art!

The elements all come together to create a gorgeous, bright and funky result. In fact, this greeting card idea is so fab that we think that you’ll be very proud to show off your finished handmade greeting card to its recipient!

And the great news is that every piece of decorated paper on this card is from the printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit.

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

So if you like this card, and if you have a few basic card supplies, you can download the printable ‘Sweetie Pie’ Valentine card making kit 

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

and get started within minutes!

Here are the instructions for making a greeting card idea like this one…

Difficulty Level: An intermediate greeting card idea.

 To make this card you will need the printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit, which can be found here…

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

You Will Need:

  • A white square card blank
  • Sheets 1, 2, 3, 8 and 10 from the ’03-madewithlove’ folder from the Printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized Card Making Kit here…

     (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

  • 3 sheets of white paper
  • 2 sheets of white card stock for printing on to
  • Green sheer ribbon
  • Decorative hat pin
  • 4 pink heart pearls
  • Dark pink gel pen
  • Foam pads and double-sided tape
  • Scissors and craft glue
  • Cutting mat and craft knife, or paper trimmer

Greeting Card Ideas
Steps For Making This Card…

  1. Print it! Open up the ’03-madewithlove’ folder in the Printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit [the what?].
    1. Print sheets 3, 8 and 10 onto paper.
    2. Print sheets 1 and 2 onto white card stock.

       (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

  2. Cut it!
    1. Cut a square from sheet 8 approximately 1cm smaller than the card blank.
    2. Cut a slightly smaller square from sheet 3.
    3. Cut 3 strips slightly smaller still from sheet 10.
    4. Cut out 2 ‘Sent With Love’ sentiments from sheet 1.
    5. Cut 6 hearts from sheet 2. Two pale green, 2 dark green and 2 small pink ones.
  3. Stick it!
    1. Stick the green square from sheet 3 on top of the pink square from sheet 8 with double-sided tape.
    2. Stick the 3 strips from sheet 10 on top of the green paper. Ensure they are evenly spaced and there is a green border showing.
  4. Add ribbon! Tie a knot in the ribbon and wrap around all the layered squares. Secure at the back.
  5. Stick it!
    1. Stick the whole layered square to the card blank using double-sided tape.
    2. Stick one sentiment on top of the other using foam pads and attach to the card as shown with foam pads.
    3. Stick 3 hearts to the bottom left and 3 to the top right of the card using foam pads as shown.
  6. Decorate it!
    1. Attach the decorative pin through the ribbon knot as shown.
    2. Using the pink gel pen draw a doodled border round the green square.
    3. Add faux stitching round the edges of the 3 pink panels.
    4. Finally add two pink pearls to the top of the first pink panel and two to the bottom of the last pink panel using a touch of craft glue.

And there you go! Greeting card ideas are plentiful but we think this one is just lovely! Funky and bright, and great to send loved ones for any occasion.

Do you want to make this card idea right now?

Get the downloadable and printable Sweetie Pie Bumper-Sized eKit here and get started within minutes…

 (sorry this kit is no longer available) 

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