Free Printable 1st Birthday Cards

Free Printable 1st Birthday Cards

‘One Today’

Looking for free printable 1st birthday cards?

Look no further!

A baby’s first birthday is a very special one. This is a printable first birthday card that has ‘One Today’ written on it. It’s a fun, colorful card… and it’s free!

Sorry, this card is no longer available.

You can personalize this card by adding your own personal touches to it. Here are a few ideas. Why not give them a try?

Ideas For Personalizing This Free Printable 1st Birthday Card:

  • Stick some small fake googly eyes on to the flower.
  • Cut some petals out of pink foam and stick them onto the card, over the original petals of the flower.
  • Emboss the petals with holographic powder, using a thin clear, embossing pen.
  • Emboss ‘One Today’ with holographic powder, using a thin clear, embossing pen.
  • Emboss some veins onto the leaves with holographic powder, using a thin clear, embossing pen.
  • To add even more color, cut the whole flower out and stick it onto a colored card. If you don’t have colored card, cover the front of a folded card with some brightly colored paper, and then stick the flower cut-out over the top.

Steps For Printing This Free Card From Our Free Printable 1st Birthday Cards Range…

  1. Subscribe (Free): To access the card, you need to sign up to the free Ready-Made Card Printables Newsletter here…
  2. Access Your Free Printable Card: Once you’ve subscribed, you’ll be emailed access details to the free printable cards section. Click on the card you want to print out. You’ll be taken to a web page that contains the printable card.

    Sorry, this card is no longer available.

  3. Add Paper Or Card: Put some paper or card into your printer. I prefer to use white, thin printable card. You can probably buy thin printable card from your local office supplies shop.
  4. Print: Print the page (if you wish to print a number of cards, change the number of copies you require in the print screen command window).
  5. Trim: Trim by following the border of the card. You can use scissors, but I prefer to use a guillotine to get straight, smooth, consistent edges.
  6. Fold: Fold along the central line. I like to use a bone paper folder (a plastic one is okay too) because it makes sharper creases.

And voila! The free card from our free printable 1st birthday cards range come to life!

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