Free Card Making Software

Why would you need card making software? Read on…

Card making really can be a pretty expensive hobby can’t it? That’s why many crafters have turned to digital downloads for their background papers, topper images, and embellishments. That’s where card making software comes in…

If you have downloaded a beautiful background paper or element for your card making, you might wish to change it a little. Maybe it’s not quite what you want and it needs a little tweaking. For example, you might want to crop it or shrink its size…

But how do you do that?

Answer: You don’t actually need digital scrapbook or card making software to do some of the ‘simple stuff’.

You can get a gorgeous, free kit that’s full of digital floral backing papers, frames & toppers here. It’s a perfect kit for printing out for your card making, or for using in your digital scrapbook layouts. And it’s FREE.

Get the free kit here…

No Need For Digital Scrapbook
And Card Making Software

There are lots of different types of image manipulation software out there. Many can help you change, tweak, sharpen, and crop your images. Others can even help you create your own backing papers and embellishments.

We’ll be covering the best software packages for card making and digital scrapbooking in this section, very soon. You can be notified of updates to this section by signing up to our free Card Making Newsletter here…

But in the meantime…

Why Not Use Free Software?

It’s amazing what you might have pre-installed on your computer – software that can help you do some really cool things!

For example, if you have Windows then you’ll have ‘Paint’ and you’ll probably also have ‘Windows Photo Gallery’. Both are pieces of software that come free with Windows. If you want to print some designs out, you can even do some nifty things with your actual printer’s settings. Yep! Most cheap printers nowadays have settings or come with software that can help you tweak away too!

Want to find out more?

We’ve put together a cool video that will explain to you how to use Paint and Windows Photo Gallery to crop, shrink, and print smaller versions of designs.

You can check out our free printing tips video here…

And don’t forget to sign up to our free Card Making Newsletter for plenty more tips!

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